Energizers are activities used in workshops and group situations to help participants be more alert and active; they can also be an important way of people getting to know and understand one another. There are many different energizers of varying length, complexity, exertion and ingenuity. They need to be enjoyable and feel safe, so should always be used in a way that is sensitive to factors such as culture, gender, physical ability and group dynamics. They can be particularly useful at the start of the day, when people are still getting to know one another, and after lunch, when sleepiness can set in.

About Participatory Methods

Participatory methods (PMs) include a range of activities with a common thread: enabling ordinary people to play an active and influential part in decisions which affect their lives. This means that people are not just listened to, but also heard; and that their voices shape outcomes.

Researchers, community members, activists and donors all use PMs. Because respect for local knowledge and experience is paramount, the result is interventions that reflect local realities, often leading to better supported and longer lasting social change.

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