Africa Community Publishing and Development Trust [ACPD]

The Source from which rivers flow: organising for local governance, poverty reduction and development

This book is about how to strengthen communitiesÆ organising skills, confidence, creativity and relationships. It is designed for citizens and local leaders who are active in local development, but could also be useful to urban residents, councillors and agencies working with communities. It was produced through the community publishing process in Zimbabwe, and was enriched with ideas and examples from citizens and local leaders involved in a pilot programme in Gokwe North, Umzingwane and Maboto called Strengthening Citizen Participation in Local Governance.

The rainbow encirling the people: an African guide to democracy

This is the fourth in a series of books on civic education and democracy building published by the Africa Community Publishing and Development trust. It is conceptualised by the community publishing process, which combines democratic ideas with local knowledge and creativity, and uses participatory methods. It is collectively authored by over 3,500 citizens living in rural Zimbabwean communities.