Ahal, Rajeev

The politics of cooperative forest management: the Kangra experience, Hamachal Pradesh

This paper examines the Kangra Forest Cooperative Societies (KFCS) of Himachal Pradesh, providing an historical overview and reviewing past processes and milestones. An overview of KangraÆs prevailing land settlement and revenue system is included to facilitate the readerÆs understanding of the background of forest management against which the KFCS and subsequent Participatory Forest Management (PFM) initiatives have been taken. This publication describes the basic principles and rules pertaining to the formation and running of the KFCS and provides a detailed analysis of their operations.

Experiences in Panchayat-based planning in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India

This article conveys experiences from a project in Himachal Pradesh (HP), a rural mountainous state in India, aimed at finding an effective, local methodology for identifying and funding community priorities and reducing wastage. The article document the approaches used and their impact. It begins by explaining the Panchayati Raj Act established in 1994 to strengthen devolution, leading to the formation of Panchayats; administrative units for community development.