Attwood, H.

PRA: What Is It and Why Should We Use IT.

The article discusses the nature of PRA and how it differs from other participatory methodologies. The paper emphasises principles, and attitudes and behaviour rather than on methods or tools. The article addresses issues of the PRA as a tool for empowerment and how it affects policy. The broad range of examples it draws on makes it a good read for enthusiasts and beginners to see the wide range to which PRA can be applied and the flexibility of the approach. The report has an interesting collection of quotes from field experiences from South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.

Listing of participative/ qualitative research techniques

The first section is a listing of a number of techniques which come under the umbrella of PRA, RRA or similar participatory research and planning approaches. This ranges from secondary sources, DIY, SSIs and direct observation to maps, seasonal calenders and ranking. Some specific issues involving working with PRA in South Africa are raised, drawing on a number of experiences and covering a number of different aspects of both methodology and behaviour and attitudes.