Belshaw, D.

Appropriate Methodology for Development Research

This paper discusses two related questions: Are research results usable? Are the data actually used in decision-making? Both are determined by the researcher's choice of research methodology. The links between choice of research methodology and the application of results is discussed through a simple conceptual model. A satisfactory link requires a decision to allocate part of research capacity to the evaluation of previous research.

Food for Development: New roles for food aid in Ethiopia: Report of the World Food Programe Development Mission

This is an extensive report investigating emergency food aid and the integration between this and regular food supplies. After an outline on national food policies in Ethiopia and agricultural background, in particular details of food for work programmes, the approach taken by the assessment team is detailed. Annex 2 covers the use of RRA in Rapid Food Security Assessment; objectives, key issues, checklists (detailed in Annex 3), methods, toolbox and procedures. Annex 4 gives examples of situations where RFSA has been used, with the feeling that as much as possible was discovered