Bentley, M.

Participatory methods for research on women's reproductive health

A workshop was held in India to "adapt some of the participatory methods developed within agriculture for conducting PRA exercises on women's health". A "body mapping" exercise was conducted with a group of traditional birth attendants to discuss their concepts of reproduction, contraception and nutrition. A village mapping exercise led later to construction of "pregnancy time lines" and information on family planning acceptors. The article briefly mentions constraints, such as how to deal with sensitive issues like abortion.

RAP to Improve Household Management of Diarrhoea

A guide to the collection, analysis and use of information about the cultural context of diarrhea - household and behavioural factors are identified in a cultural context. the aim is to facilitate the development, implementation and monitoring of programmes for the control and prevention of diarrhea. Part III is a field guide to the use of Rapid Assesment Procedures, many of which are closely related to PRA tools such as mapping, the use of key informants and checklists for informal interviews.