Bird, Bella

A rough guide to PPAs: Participatory Poverty Assessment: an introduction to theory and practice

The aim of PPAs is to improve the effectiveness of public action for poverty reduction by including the views, priorities and perspectives of poor people in the analysis of what should be done. This guide is designed to help answer some key questions related to the development of a PPA: how to assess whether a PPA will be useful; how to decide where a PPA should be located institutionally; how to build the initial partnerships; how to design the process; how to enhance quality in the fieldwork and analysis: how to ensure influence on policy.

PPAs VPPs: una guía general a las VPPs, Valoraciones Participativas de la Probreza; una introducción a la teoría y la práctica

El objetivo de VPPs (Valoraciones Participativas de la Pobreza) es mejorar la eficacia de la acción pública para la reducción de la pobreza incluyendo las opiniones, las prioridades y las perspectivas de la gente pobre en el análisis de acción.