BKH Consulting Engineers

SAGA: Participation in Practice

This DVD is meant as a visual aid to the participatory tools and techniques as used by the Rural Domestic Water Supply and Sanitation Programme (RDWSSP II) in Nyanza Province, Kenya. It focuses on some of the techniques that were used during a one-week PRA with the project community. The objectives of the programme are to provide safe and accessible drinking water, safe and low cost disposal of human waste, and to ensure user participation and responsibility for facilities.

SAGA: PRA Reference Guide

The focus is on the use of PRA in water and sanitation planning, while recognising that other priorities are likely to emerge. There is a description of PRA; uses, tools and principals. A programme for field work is outlined, and each tool discussed in detail, with checklists of 'what to cover' and 'dos and donts'. The structure of the work is fairly rigidly defined, as is the proposal for working with the community on the programme after the PRA, where a community committee is chosen for liason.