Bryant, Peter

Using democratic spaces to promote social justice in northern towns

This paper gives account of a do-it-yourself citizensÆ jury (DIY CJ) where a group of researchers and a ôjuryö picked at random from the local population of Blackburn and Darwen, Lancashire, undertook a series of deliberative workshops during April and May 2004. The subject of this DIY CJ was the role of the police and drink and drug use among young people, a topic which was chosen by the jury itself at the first of these workshops.

Community involvement in sport and recreation facility management: a workshop held in Sebokeng

This booklet documents the proceedings of a workshop held in Sebobkeng, South Africa which explored issues around community involvement in sport and recreation facility management. The workshop applied PLA approaches, methods and behaviours to Sports and Recreation Facility Management with the aim of training key facility personnel. During the workshop the participants examined the role of community involvement through a series of practical exercises and experimented with different techniques, both with each other and with community members.