Human rights and rights-based programming: basic training manual

CARE InternationalÆs basic training manual on human rights and rights-based programming, consists of a FacilitatorsÆ Guidebook and ParticipantsÆ Workbook. The Manual is intended to be a vital resource for colleagues, both within and outside CARE, who are keen to understand the Rights-Based Approach (RBA) to relief and development assistance. It has been tested and refined with the help of a range of country, regional, and CARE headquarter colleagues.

Rapid Assessment of the Food and Nutrition Security Impact of the CARE Food Programming Activitites in Eastern Shewa and Western Hararghe

A rapid food security assessment was carried out in Eastern Shewa and Western Hararghe to determine what CARE food-assisted projects have been undertaken, and what impact they have had on the participants. To determine whether the projects were properly designed, a rapid assessment of the household food security situation in each project area was carried out. Peasant Associations were selected on the basis of accessibility, main economic activity, distance from main roads, and history of food assistance.