Caudill, Denise

Responding to reproductive health needs: participatory approach for analysis and action

This report and training guide documents experiences from two training of trainer workshops that were conducted in 1997-98 in Nepal to assess reproductive health (RH) needs and to help trainers gain the skills to assist communities in addressing these needs. The workshops were conducted by World Neighbors in partnership with a local non-government group, the Baudha Bahunipati Family Welfare Project (a project of the Family Planning

Repondre aux besoins en sante de la reproduction: une approche participative pour l'analyse et l'action

Ce guide du série Leçons Tirées du Terrain décrive deux ateliers tenus au Népal en 1997-98 pour aider le personnel des O.N.G:s à comprendre la santé d'un point de vue de genre, à analyser des activités courantes de la santé de la reproduction (SR), à utiliser les outils participatifs, et à développer des plans d'action réalistes.

Helping NGOs and community groups analyze reproductive health and gender issues

This newsletter for project personnel was developed with World Neighbors' program partners in Nepal. It focuses on participatory tools and exercises which are designed to enable participants to identify the causes and consequences of specific reproductive health problems, and then analyse them in terms of context (medical vs. social) and relative impact on men and women.

Responding to reproductive health needs: a participatory approach for analysis and action

This guide from the Lessons From the Field series outlines two training workshops held in Nepal in 1997-98 to help NGO staff understand health from a gender sensitive point of view, analyze current reproductive health (RH) activities, use participatory tools, and develop realistic action plans. The training programme was based on a community-based needs assessment in the Ramechhap, Sindhupalchowk and Kavre districts, aimed at gaining knowledge of some of the RH and gender issues and concerns of women in the communities.