Christine Hogan

Facilitating multicultural groups: a practical guide

Facilitators are being called upon to work in international and cross-cultural arenas more than ever before to help groups identify and achieve their goals and resolve differences in areas including governance, education, health and community development.  This book provides a practical approach for facilitators needing to enhance their skills when working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds.  Using a step-by-step approach, it takes the facilitator through ideas, processes, models and frameworks that are designed to assist with the preparation, facilitation and evaluation of wor

Practical facilitation: a toolkit of techniques

A facilitator helps groups of people to enable them to interact more effectively in a wide range of situations and occupations, including workplaces, organisational planning, leisure and health activities and community development.  It is an emerging and exciting profession.  This book is a toolkit for both new and experiences facilitators, managers, consultants, staff developers, innovators, social and community workers and students.  It covers a broad range of practical and innovative techniques from around the world including: designing workshops; dealing with difficult situations; uses