Commonwealth Foundation

Democratic governance in Zimbabwe: citizen power

This report has been produced for the Commonwealth FoundationÆs Civil Society in the New Millennium project. It details and explores citizen-state relations in Zimbabwe, with profound insight and analysis from Zimbabweans at all levels and backgrounds. It looks at democratic governance in a national (Zimbabwean) context, examining a changing relationship between leadership and the people; socio-political trends; citizenÆs movement and actions; and state roles/responses.

Citizens and governance: civil society in the new millenium

Planned and managed by the Commonwealth Foundation and coordinated by a taskforce, the Civil Society in the New Millennium Project collected answers to questions about civil society from thousands of citizens in 47 Commonwealth countries. Questions concerned ideal conceptions of a 'good' society, the appropriate roles of citizens, the state and other sectors of society, and factors which would enable citizens to contribute effectively to societal development.