Cresswell, T.

Unemployment and health: the development of the use of PRA in identified communities in Staveley, North Derbyshire

This study in Staveley, an area with high unemployment, aimed to: i) identify & enable people to address the personal risk factors for cardio-vascular diseases ii) enable unemployed workers to discuss health difficulties specific to unemployment iii) promote a greater understanding of the specific health needs of unemployed people Unemployed people and 200 children were interviewed, then key people in the professions of education, health, social services, police, clergy and housing.

Participatory Rapid Appraisal: An Investigation into the Health and Social Needs of People Living in Danesmoor - Volume 1

The aim of this study was to identify the health and social problems in relation to Danesmoor, an area in North Derbyshire with high unemployment. PRA techniques were used to collect qualitative information from three main sources : key community people, community members, professionals working in the area. Questions were asked regarding people's perceptions of the area, the health and social problems, existing care service provision and "magic wand" - "within reason what would benefit individuals, families and the community as a whole".

Discussion paper on participatory rapid appraisal and rapid appraisal techniques

This paper describes the methodology used for Cresswell's "PRA Investigation into the Health and Social Needs of People Living in Danesmoor". The project took 34 days to complete, consisting of 54 individual interviews, two group interviews and eight groups of school children. The PRA approach is described, outlining its relevance to the work with this community in the UK. PRA methods used are listed with their application in "community assessment of health and social needs as undertaken in Danesmoor".