Estrella, Marisol

Beyond good governance: participatory democracy in the Philippines

This book provides case studies and analytical critiques of experiences in participatory governance in the Philippines. Seen as one of the most important experiments in grassroots democracy, the experiences of the Barangay-Bayan Governance Consortium are explored in the book through a combination of case studies and analytical chapters. The chapters look at the complexities of deepening democracy at the local level, including an exploration of power, democratic spaces, and fundamental questions about how social and political change occur.

Review of literature on indicators of good local governance

By the end of the 1990s good governance (GG) was the new catch phrase in development and public policy circles. Good governance is increasingly viewed as a panacea to persisting problems of development and government. Donors, governments (central and local), academe, NGOs and other civil society groups are calling for GG as a requisite for making development programmes and interventions successful. This review examines indicators of local GG. It gives a historical background to GG and overviews the GG agenda.