Fiedrich, Marc

Beyond the bounded community : REFLECT in urban settings.

This article argues that the diversity of people to be found in urban areas and also the lack of clear geograhical divisions make it difficult to transfer PRA tools, techniques and topics from rural to urban areas. Where PRA would focus around crops, often in urban areas small business activities have been substituted but in some groups even this has been problematic since for example, some women's group members have no opportunity to start such activities.

Literacy in circles?

This paper explores the potentials and limits of REFLECT, with particular reference to its piloting in Bundibugyo, Uganda. Issues examined include, post-literacy support and the language barriers experienced by newly-literates. The paper argues that since the present REFLECT programme in Bundibugyo leans more towards the methodology and ethics of PRA, it holds less opportunity for Freirean conscientization.