Friedman, M.

What does Participatory Development Mean in practice? Some Lessons from an Integrated Rural Development Project in KwaZulu

There are several analyses of community participation in the literature on rural development, which define what is meant by participation and what it is for. South African analyses are rare. This paper reflects critically on one particular project experience in rural Bantustan in South Africa. The paper briefly defines what is meant by participation, with a focus on the practical implications of these meanings.

Holding the space : gender, race and conflict in training

A seven day workshop focusing on participatory methods for community development was held in Natal, South Africa. The workshop used the SARAR approach, which 'aims to support the growth of self-esteem by facilitating 'learning events' which encourage people to develop their creative and analytic capacity to identify and solve problems'. Using methods similar to PRA, such as community mapping, the facilitators tried to address issues around gender conflict.