Gibson, Tony

The confidence to interact

The evolution of 'hands-on' prioritising and decision-making techniques to enable local people to share with outside bodies in the process of neighbourhood regeneration are described in this article. It all began as action research in 200 Junior and Secondary classrooms in the UK, with materials which allowed youth to identify problems and opportunities for improving their surroundings, using 3D models and charts with movable cards with which they could show what could be done.

The power in our hands : neighbourhood based - world shaking

Drawing on his first-hand experience working alongside East Enders in the blitz, with Sicilian refugees, with both sides in the Chinese civil war, and with groups taking shape in different parts of Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, Gibson tells a story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This book is about people and power, providing invaluable information about how the grassroots can effect real change. Containing many small sections, the book is designed to be read in spare moments.

Taking the neighbourhood Initiative - a facilitator's guide

The Meadowell Estate in North Tyneside was described as a "disaster area, top of the league for crime, vandalism, drug abuse and despair". A facilitator was brought in by the Department of the Environment to help Meadowell residents to evolve their own Plan of Action and to develop the skills they needed. This report describes the whole process of community planning and implementation from 1988 - 91. The participatory methods used are described in detail and examples of materials illustrated.