Gosling, L.

Participatory approaches in Save the Children Fund, UK

The paper discusses the use and usefulness of participatory approaches in the work of Save the Children Fund (SCF). It asks how PRA can be used effectively by SCF when the nature of its work means it is unlikely to be involved purely as a facilitator in a community development process. Areas where PRA has proved useful are research, training and awareness, and participatory monitoring and evaluation. It is suggested that the awareness and skills of a growing number of staff members will gradually increase SCFs capacity to use PRA.

Assessment, Monitoring, Review and Evaluation Toolkits

There are seven sections: Section 1 describes the role of the tool kit and provides some useful basic definitions: the following topics are analysed: 2 - Assessment and planning; 3 - Monitoring; 4 - Review; 5 - Evaluation; 6 - Assessment, monitoring and evaluation in emergency situations. Section 7 describes the different 'tools' that can be drawn upon during the implementation of the aformentioned activities.