Groenfeldt, D.

Guidelines for Rapid Assessment of Minor Irrigation Systems in Sri Lanka

This paper sets out a series of guidelines with the aim of developing a "model" rapid assessment procedure for the impact of minor system rehabilitation. The content and recommendations leading to the guidelines arose from a one day workshop at IIMI. The methodology is essentially participatory in nature, giving a key role to the view of farmers in its assessment. The questionnaire and the rapid assessment procedure provide a means whereby a post project condition of the scheme can be assessed.

Building on tradition: indigenous irrigation knowledge and sustainable development in Asia

This paper discusses the importance of indigenous irrigation systems that have operated sustainably on indigenous technical knowledge that has ensured their longevity. Modern techniques have often ignored the importance of this knowledge and the role of such knowledge needs to be enhanced in the future.

A Rapid-Assessment Survey of the Irrigation Component of the Anuradhapura Dry-Zone Agriculture Project (ADZAP)

A rapid assessment survey of a representative sample of tanks was conducted to provide an overview of the irrigation component of the Anuradhapura Dry Zone Agriculture Project (ADZAP). The study traced the development of each sample tank from the pre-project situation to head works construction and later downstream development and work.