How to ZOPP: A Step by Step Guide to Objectives-Oriented Project Planning

This paper gives a short and clearly structured introduction to the stakeholder analysis component of ZOPP (objectives-oriented project planning), a participatory planning methodology. It discusses processes of identifying, classifying, describing and analysing interest groups (participants, non-participants, active/affected/beneficiary participants) and institutions. It discusses the questions which need to be asked in this process and how the process should be conducted.

Zambia: ideas on daily activity profile, division of labour and leadership training

This set of notes give clear instructions on methods suitable for discussing issues around women's workload. The daily activity profile begins with a role play to stimulate discussion, then drawing time lines in separate groups of men and women. The division of labour session also uses a role play to illustrate the strict division of tasks according to gender. The division of labour chart breaks down a general activity into smaller tasks, using pictures to show who does what.