Hughes, Alexandra

A critical look at civil societies' poverty reduction monitoring and evaluation experiences

This article introduces the 51st edition of PLA Notes, on civil society and poverty reduction. The PLA notes edition aims to capture the experiences of southern civil society organisations (CSOs) that are engaging in monitoring, evaluating and implementing poverty reduction strategy (PRS) processes. This introductory article describes how the authors involved in this edition of PLA notes came together for a writeshop in Nairobi, Kenya, July 2004.

Lessons learnt on civil society engagement in PRSP processes in Bolivia, Kenya and Uganda: a report emerging from the Bolivian-East African sharing and learning exchange

This report documents the main lessons emerging from a country exchange program on Sharing and Learning from PRSP (Poverty Reduction Strategy paper) experiences in Bolivia, Kenya and Uganda. The report looks at lessons learnt from civil society engagement in PRSP processes on a general level, and specifically, key learnings from civil society (CS) participation. The report argues that if spaces are created for civil society engagement, there are ways in which concerned actors can work towards warming relations with governments without compromising their respective values and autonomy.