Whose eden?: an overview of community approaches to wildlife management

This report presents an overview of literature on community approaches to wildlife management. These approaches are analysed in two main groupings: top-down and participatory. The focus is mainly on experiences gained in Africa, with a few illustrative case studies drawn from outside the region. The benefits provided by wildlife management are discussed in terms of use and non-use values.

Participatory learning and action: principles, methods and guidelines

This document presents training notes on participatory learning and action (PLA) that were used for the Participatory Social Assessment Training Estonia Agriculture Forestry Project. The notes present a general overview of approaches, techniques and methods in PLA in the context of agriculture and forestry in general. It does not elaborate especially on an Estonian situation.

A brief guide to organising workshops for training, orientation and exposure in participatory approaches

The guide describes how training needs analysis, combined with in-depth institutional analysis, can help design a training programme. This includes suggestions for planning the logistical arrangements, course structure and content, and evaluations and revisions for the future.

A brief guide to training in participatory methods in the field

This article provides a range of examples on how to train in participatory methods in a field setting, which is where the most important learning takes place. Various issues to consider during preparation for the field are described; these include the host community, selecting field teams and trainers' tasks and pitfalls. Once in the field, some key pointers to getting started with the training include the shift to visualisation, emphasising sequences of methods and dealing with senior visitors. Processes of review, feedback and presentation are then discussed.

Proceedings of the Resource Centres for Participatory Learning and Action (RCPLA) Network Workshop, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Nov 22 - Dec 2, 1997

A summary of a ten day workshop in Bolivia, dicussing the role of information and networking in the context of participatory learning and action approaches for development. The report provides snapshots of the activities of 10 of the networks from different continents and details the exchanges on network organisation and information sharing.

The third gathering of UK participatory appraisal practitioners : workshop proceedings.

The proceedings of a workshop focussing on three topics: rigour and integrity in PRA work, PRA training quality and funding and related pressures for compromises.
Annex 2 provides a case study of the community consultation methodology used by the Groundwork Trust in the community of Gellidog. Annex 3 outlines the Teenage Sexual Health Research Project being carried out in Wester Hailes using a participatory methodology. Finally there is an updated list of the PA network in Scotland.