A Brief Guide to Preparing for Training and Facilitating

This article examines preparations that a trainer / facilitator should consider before initiating a training session. It provides training materials for participatory learning and outlines how to plan and schedule a training session. It mentions the need for a trainer to identify objectives of the training, which can be measured or evaluated. The article provides a checklist of a range of aspects of training preparation.

Tips for Trainers: For or Against

This article spells out how a trainer can go about doing a training. It discusses the order in which the training should be done, by first coming out with the objectives of the training, then the time it will take, preparation, procedures and finally, how the procedures can be applied. To discuss a topic like this, the article suggests 30 minutes for the presentation of the statement. The procedure is discussed in detail.

Training In Participatory Planning And Research Methods In The Sahel: A Programme For The Strengthening Of Capacity In The Marp.

This is a project proposal developed by the Dry lands and Sustainable Agricultural Programmes of the IIED for a four programme, 1993-96 in Participatory Planning Methods in some Sahelian countries; Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali and Senegal. Although it focuses on MARP, it traces the history of PRA and RRA. It looks at the IIED's support of MARP in the Sahel. The strengths and weaknesses of MARP are discussed, with a reference on MARP and PRA.

Selection of Group Exercises and Games for PRA Trainers

This book contains 34 games and exercises which have various uses in PRA training, including introductions and ice-breakers, energisers, group strengthening and group dynamics games, listening exercises, analytical and learning games, and evaluation exercises. For each game or exercise, one or two pages outline the objective, time and materials required, and the procedure. This guide would be useful for trainers, trainers of trainers, and organisers of workshops and other meetings.

Farmer Participatory Research in North Omo, Ethiopia: report of a training course held in Rapid Rural Appraisal.

This report from a 12 day Farm Africa training exercise concentrates on two field based case studies of farmer participatory research, which identify major farmer constraints and opportunities for research. Background to the training structure and PRA methodologies is given only in the appendices. Work in the two field sites was assisted by NGOs currently active in those areas. For each case study, a brief description of the sequence and objective of tools used is given, with numerous diagrams and details of findings.

An Introduction to Rapid Rural Appraisal for Agricultural Development

This book is intended to supply sufficient information so that development workers can judge the likely usefulness of a Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) approach in their projects and programmes, and select the techniques most appropriate to their needs and resources. The emphasis is on a methodology which is rigorous, cost-effective and multidisciplinary. RRA aims to work with farmers and local community leaders to analyse local problems. An extensive annotated bibliography of RRA literature is included.