International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Pathways to Partnerships: a toolkit to support NGOs and CBOs responding to HIV/AIDS

HIV, AIDS, sexual health, health, communication, training manuals, organizations, networking AB: This is a practical toolkit for organizations and trainers who support NGOs and community groups responding to HIV/AIDS in developing countries. It can be used flexibly, with one or more NGOs, and as part of technical support visits or training workshops. This is a resource that can help NGOs and community groups to strengthen their work by building strategic partnerships with people and organizations from other sectors, such as government, business, and the media.

A facilitators' guide to participatory workshops with NGOs/CBOs responding to HIV/AIDS

Participatory approaches are widely used to encourage group members to become involved in processes. Activities such as drawing, role play and small group work can be particularly useful in HIV/AIDS work when exploring sensitive issues such as sexual experiences, vulnerability and risk. This guide is designed to be an ôideas bookö of shared experiences to help facilitators prepare for participatory workshops, meetings and planning activities with NGOs and CBOs responding to HIV/AIDS in developing countries.

A facilitatorÆs guide for needs assessment on access to HIV/AIDS related treatment: a resource to support the development of a practical toolkit for NGOs, CBOs and PLHA groups.

This facilitatorsÆ guide has been developed to be used during the initial stages of a collaborative toolkit project between the International HIV/Aids Alliance, WHO and UNAIDS. The toolkit project has been facilitated by a consultant through literature reviews and participation of a large international reference group in the project. The next step of the project is to carry out needs assessments with NGOs, CBOs (community based organisations) and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA). This guide is a draft ôworking documentö and not, therefore an official document of WHO and UNAIDS.

100 ways to energise groups: games to use in workshops, meetings and the commuity

This booklet is one of a series of resources that The International HIV/AIDS Alliance has developed to encourage participation in practice. It is a compilation of energisers, icebreakers, and games that can be used by anyone working with groups of people, whether in a workshop, meeting, or community setting. This guide aims to be an 'ideas book' of shared experiences to help facilitators prepare for participatory workshops. Each of the 100 games is described in a short paragraph. The guide also briefly outlines some general considerations when using games in workshop settings.

Una guía para facilitadores de talleres participativos con ONGs/OBCs que trabajan en VIH/SIDA

Esta guía tiene como objetivo apoyar a las personas que facilitan talleres participativos con organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG) y organizaciones de base comunitaria (OBC) que trabajan en VIH/SIDA en los países en desarrollo. Está basada en la experiencia práctica de la Alianza Internacional contra el VIH/SIDA. Esta guía no es un manual con instrucciones paso a paso y se basa en el principio de que una buena facilitación es el resultado de una preparación cuidadosa.

Ateliers participatifs avec ONG et OBC luttant contre le VIH/SIDA : guide du facilitateur

L’objectif de ce guide est d’apporter un soutien aux personnes qui facilitent des ateliers participatifs avec les organisations non-gouvernementales (ONG) et les organisations à base communautaire (OBC) luttant contre le VIH/SIDA dans les pays en voie de développement. Ce guide s’inspire des expériences pratiques de l’Alliance internationale contre le VIH/SIDA (l’Alliance). Ce guide n’est pas un manuel d’instructions à suivre une à une. Il renforce le principe selon lequel une bonne facilitation est souvent le résultat d’une préparation soignée.