Jayakaran, Ravi

Participatory poverty alleviation and development: a comprehensive manual for development professionals

This manual aims to cover a wide range of development issues, including participatory poverty alleviation, micro and macro development, the role of the change agent, the use of participatory techniques in HIV/AIDS programming, and understanding childrens' perspectives. It is designed as a practical guide for NGO and government personnel and includes many examples from the field.

Worldview analysis: a multi-dimensional approach to community realities

This brief paper gives an introduction to the worldview approach and its application in facilitating creation of wholistic baselines, understanding community perceptions, collating Participatory Learning and Action profiles, analysing community survival strategies, and developing community level development plans. The paper introduces the technique, giving details of what is required to get started, and as an example, describes a recent field application of the Wholistic World View Analysis (WWVA) method as developed by the author.