Johanssen, L.

Reforming donor driven projects and state bureaucracies through PRA

Outlines the process of transforming RIPS, a Finnish-funded bi-regional integrated rural development programme in Tanzania. An eighteen month process was planned to transform the programme's previous top-down blueprint approach to one based on mutual learning and action research together with local people. Participation and sustainability were the key requirements. The various stages of the process and the problems encountered are described.

Empowering customary community institutions to manage natural resources in Tanzania, A case study from Bariadi District

Mlenge, with Johansson as consultant, carried out a six-week study in Bariadi District, Tanzania, "on indigenous knowledge, attitudes and practices (IKAP) in relation to plants and environmental degradation", using a team of local persons. The report focuses on the "dagashida", a community assembly of men which formulates laws and sanctions and which used to have more power. Three "dagashida's" to which women were also invited were held in three villages, specifically on environmental issues. All three raised very similar issues and recommendations.