Lambert, R.

Monitoring Food Security and Coping Strategies: Lessons Learnt From The SADS Project of Save The Children Fund (UK), Mopti Region, Mali: Field Report on Methodological Questions

SCF(UK) established a local food security monitoring project called SADS in the Mopti region of Mali, which has been operational since 1987. It aimed to identify who was vulnerable, where, when and why, and to provide appropriate information to decision makers. This working paper describes some of the lessons learnt from the experience of monitoring food security and coping strategies. Information was collected by field staff from rural people, and this paper examines the use of such qualitative and semi-quantitative data, and the problems associated with using local knowledge systems.

Information Collection for Risk-Mapping in the Mopti Region, Mali: Field Report on Methodological Questions

Save the Children Fund is currently involved in the development of an operational method for mapping risk of and vulnerability to food insecurity. This report is the result of field work to collect information on food security and the household food economy in the Mopti region of Mali. This will be used to build up a regional case study applying risk mapping methodology to this region.