McCracken, Jennifer

A Working Framework for Rapid Rural Appraisal : Lessons from a Fiji Experience

The purpose of a topical RRA is to answer specific questions on a subject and it does so by employing a variety of RRA methods: secondary data review, semi -structured interviewing, direct observation and workshops. An investigation of the prevailing low sugarcane yields in Fiji was used to design a general structure for combining these methods in the process of a topical RRA. It also aimed to develop models (diagrammatic representations) which could be produced within this structure of methods, to be used in the planning and implementation of future topical RRAs.

An Introduction to Rapid Rural Appraisal for Agricultural Development

This book is intended to supply sufficient information so that development workers can judge the likely usefulness of a Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) approach in their projects and programmes, and select the techniques most appropriate to their needs and resources. The emphasis is on a methodology which is rigorous, cost-effective and multidisciplinary. RRA aims to work with farmers and local community leaders to analyse local problems. An extensive annotated bibliography of RRA literature is included.