Milimo, John T.

The poor of Zambia speak: who would ever listen to the poor?

This book is a summary of the findings of a decade of research on poverty in Zambia which has used a range of participatory research tools. Its objective is to represent the perceptions and analyses of poor people concerning their situation. It does this through analysis of the following areas: livelihoods, health, education, and institutions. It also does this by means of a compilation of policy-related insights from participatory research which applied and evolved techniques, both verbal and visual.

Listening to farmers: participatory assessment of policy reform in Zambia's agriculture sector.

Based on findings from participatory studies, beneficiary assessments and on quantitative survey data, this paper examines farmers' perceptions of the constraints being faced by them in agricultural production, including the quality of agricultural services. Coping strategies adopted by farmers as a consequence of the agricultural policy changes in Zambia in the 1990's are also outlined.