Millar, David

Using the footpath analogy

For the past three years the Centre for Cosmovision and Indigenous Knowledge (CECIK) has been working in Northern Ghana with an approach based on Empathic Learning and Action (ELA) framework. This framework has been developed and tested to support development projects that allow peoples' religious beliefs and practices to be an active part of the planning process. In this case study, the Boosi tribe from Bongo, Northern Ghana worked with a CECIK representative to design an experiment to keep the invasion of 'devil weed' at bay.

Methodologies to support endogenous development

Compas (Comparing and Supporting Endogenous Development) is an international programme whose aim is to understand and encourage the diversity of rural people's knowledge and expand inter-cultural dialogues on farmer's knowledge and indigenous learning. The March 2001 issue of Compas Magazine focuses on indigenous traditional knowledge and the challenges these traditions face in the modern world.