Narayan, D.

The Contribution of People's Participation: Evidence from 121 Rural Water Supply Projects

Field observations have led many people to believe that beneficiary participation in decision making can contribute greatly to the success of development projects. When people influence or control the decisions that affect them, they have a greater stake in the outcome and will work harder to ensure success. But the evidence supporting this reasoning is qualitative so that many practictioners remain skeptical. Three questions need to be addressed: to what degree does participation contribute to project effectiveness? which beneficiary and agency characteristics foster the process?

Learning from the poor: a participatory poverty assessment in Kenya

This describes a Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) undertaken by the Government of Kenya and the World Bank during Febuary-April 1994. It had three primary objectives; to understand poverty from the perspective of the poor, to start a process of dialogue between policy makers, district level providers and the poor and to address the issue of the 'value added' of the PPA approach to understanding poverty.

Participatory Development Tool Kit

The stated aims of this tool kit and the visual aids it contains are not only to encourage community participation in planning and development, but also to enable field workers to have a visual "spark" which will enable them to work more effectively in the field. It is recognised that many of the activities can be conducted without the prepared materials, ie mapping and ranking on the ground.