Osuga, Ben

Influencing the Process of Development and Implementation of the Five Year GOU/UNICEF Country Health Plan (1995-2000): Towards a More Sensitive Approach. The Example of a Community Capacity Building Process in Uganda (A Joint UNICEG-MOH-UCBHCA Initiative)

Guidelines for participatory community planning.

This document provides guidelines to be used as a reference for the implementation process of a proposed Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Project in Uganda.
PRA is suggested as a key strategy to be used in the community planning and relevant techniques and training methods which can be used at each stage in the process are described. The guidelines also considrer the process of community mobilisation.

Mbarara University of science and technology community based health care programme : picking the pieces.

This article traces the history and progress of the Community Based Health Care Programme initiated by the Mbarara University Faculty of Medicine in 1992. In the article students reflect on their experiences of the programme and reveal how their attitudes towards PRA and working with communities changed over time as a result.