Potten, D.

Rapid Rural Appraisal - Emergence of a Methodology and its Application to Irrigation: A Bibliographical Review

This comprehensive work presents a thorough review of RRA applications to irrigation. The paper is introduced with a brief overview of the emergence and needs that led to the widespread emergence of RRA. It provides a good background to understanding the basis and rationale for the widespread adoption of RRA, and its particular usefulness to irrigation system analysis. The bibliographic selection is deliberately selective and not aimed to be comprehensive. However, it still provides a useful selection of material on irrigation applications of RRA.

Bangladesh Flood Action Plan 12 : The Impact of Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation projects

This brief overview report provides an outline of Flood Action Plan (FAP) 12 in Bangladesh that assessed the impact of flood control, drainage and irrigation in 12 projects. An RRA was carried out in each system. The final report consists of four volumes, the rapid appraisals are documented in volume 2. FAP 12 introduced Rapid Rural Appraisal methods on a scale never seen before in Bangladesh, and raised conventional sample survey practices to new levels of comprehensiveness and rigour.

Rapid rural appraisal of small irrigation schemes in Zimbabwe

This paper describes experiences in applying RRA techniques and principles to identify rehabilitation requirements of small irrigation systems in Zimbabwe. The authors conclude that the methodology was appropiate given that the schemes were small. Valuable aspects of using a RRA methodology were judged to be self-imposed discipline, the use of checklists, careful organisation and the use of existing information before visiting the schemes.