Pridmore, Pat

Participatory Approaches to Reproductive Health and Nutrition: module 1: Participatory Learning and Action, Rwika Family Life Training Centre, Kenya, 20-31 October, 1997

This Manual describes a two week course on Participatory Approaches to Reproductive Health and Nutrition held in Kenya for a Danida-funded Community Based Nutrition Programme (CBNP). The project began with 14 Family Life Training Centres where severely malnourished children were rehabilitated and their parents taught about nutritious meals, health and farming. In 1994, the project committed itself to a new community-based strategy after evaluation showed that the institution-based project had little impact on the community and many children relapsed.

Participatory approaches to reproductive health and nutrition : using performing arts and visual materials in Kenya

Article about a two-week course, run by the authors, at a Family Life Training Centre in the Embu District of Kenya. It was designed to help project staff develop and use performing arts and visual materials in their programme. The aim was to develop materials that posed questions and problems, rather than supplying answers and solutions. These materials could then be used to enable local people to probe, reflect and thereby bring about a change in their perceptions of the world and themselves as individuals within it.