Scottish Participatory Initiatives

Local Voices To The Surface

This short video shows the use of participatory mapping and action planning processes in discussions about the management of the Solway Firth, Scotland. People with various interests participated in the meetings. Groups mapped the area and suggested ideas for changes. These were then scored and discussed, leading to the creation of action plans with achievable aims. The video also presents reflections by workshop participants on the participatory appraisal process.

Bringing PRA from South to North: A Video Report of Participatory Local Planning in Ireland

As part of a course in forestry and participation, 27 forestry officials from Africa, Asia and Scotland spent 10 days in County Kilkenny, Ireland, using PRA and visualisation methods to help local people develop a local forestry action plan. During meetings with local people, visual tools were used to encourage them to express their preferences about the environment. Methods used included resource and social mapping, Venn diagrams, and matrix ranking or tree species preferences. Local people's views were relayed to the local council, thus giving them a say in environmental management.

The third gathering of UK participatory appraisal practitioners : workshop proceedings.

The proceedings of a workshop focussing on three topics: rigour and integrity in PRA work, PRA training quality and funding and related pressures for compromises.
Annex 2 provides a case study of the community consultation methodology used by the Groundwork Trust in the community of Gellidog. Annex 3 outlines the Teenage Sexual Health Research Project being carried out in Wester Hailes using a participatory methodology. Finally there is an updated list of the PA network in Scotland.