Tandon, Rajesh

Reviving democracy: citizens at the heart of governance

This book is based on a two-year research study, using a variety of participatory techniques at local, regional and international levels in 47 countries of the Commonwealth, and involving 10,000 citizens. Citizens in these countries were asked: What is your view of a good society? To what extent does such a society exist today?  What roles are best played by citizens and what roles are best played by the state and other sectors in such a good society?  What would enable citizens to play their role in the development of society more effectively in future?

Building farmers' organisations for integrated watershed management in India : a trainers' manual

This manual is an effort to fill the gap on the subject of farmers' institution building for watershed management in India. Strong farmers' organisations are the foundation of successful watershed development programmes, as well as associated income generating activities that also ensure women's empowerment and sustainable resource use.

International conference on participation of primary stakeholders : lessons learned and ways forward

A set of emerging next steps for mainstreaming participation in the World Bank and its partners, developed by the NGO Working Group. There are eight recommendations: 1) institutional renewal and reform with incentives and monitoring. 2) Setting and enforcing minimum quality standards and using participatory monitoring and evaluation and active dissemination of information. 3) Participatory policy development to include participation of multiple stakeholders. 4) Flagship projects in which a few countries build country level partnerships and capacity.