Uphoff, N.

Participatory Evaluation of Farmer Organisations' Capacity for Development Tasks

This paper presents a methodology for participatory evaluation of small group capacities and performance that has been developed for water-user associations in Sri Lanka. The system devised was one of self evaluation and was presented to the farmer groups as a system of self strengthening. The process of self evaluation is described in some detail in the first section of the article which consists of five activity areas in which farmers assess their own performance.

A Field Methodology for Participatory Self- Evaluation of P.P.P. Group and Inter-Group Association Performance.

The introductory section of this brief paper discusses the importance of developing an evaluation methodology that is practical and flexible enough to be carried out by the community in the Peoples Participation Programme of the FAO. Uphoff reiterates that in fact the answers arrived at by the evaluation are in themselves not as important as what is learnt from the process of reaching consensus on such answers. An illustration of what the methodology utilised actually constituted is described in the first section of the paper.

Participatory evaluation of rural development projects: Lessons from experience and implications for donor agencies.

Although PRA is not mentioned, this report - which is illustrated with reference to a wide range of reports of mainly FAO projects - provides a very useful summary of; the benefits of this type of PE; the obstacles and difficulties likely during its introduction; ways in which it can be implemented in different projects; and how donors can best support the effective use of PE. [See also Uphoff (1989)].