Westerby, Martin

Quality of Life: A Community Appraisal of the Thornton Area, Kingston upon Hull

The "Quality of Life" project has been a four month community development project in the Thornton Area, primarily grant funded by the Housing Corporation. The project aimed to involve community members in identifying the availability of, and need for, local community and social facilities. The emphasis of the activity was on local residents and workers collecting and sharing information, then planning and hopefully implementing change.

Evaluating sexual health services in the UK: adapting participatory appraisal tools with young people and service providers

The report sets down the participatory methods used to gain insights into what young people in the UK want from different kinds of sexual health services and how and when they would use these services. The authors conclude that the most important lesson they learnt about participatory tools was how flexible the tools were and how they could be used in ways that were not prescriptive and rigid.