World Bank

Hear our voice: the poor on poverty

This 30 minute video explores the complexities of poverty from the perspectives of poor people themselves. It reveals that although the experiences of poor people vary widely by location and situation, there are significant commonalties in the way poor people describe their lives: sense of powerlessness and voicelessness; precariousness of their livelihoods and lack of security; isolation, humiliation, and lack of connections to resources and opportunities; and gender inequality.

The involvement of women in participatory rural appraisals.

This document focusses on the issue of women's participation in PRA in the Upper Cimanuk Watershed Component of the World Bank. The factors constraining women's participation in PRA meetings are discussed including, time factors, information flows, location of meetings and cultural and religious aspects.

The strategies devised to overcome these constraints to women's participation are then discussed.

Kenya Poverty Assessment

This report provides an assessment of the extent of and changes in poverty in Kenya during the '80s and early '90s. It uses data from different sources and of different kinds, including was a Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) and a Welfare Monitoring Survey (WMS). Interestingly, in three out of five districts the results yielded by the two approaches were almost identical.