Apply now: Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning

Develop your skills to more effectively design and improve monitoring and evaluation systems supporting participatory and adaptive practice at an in-person training course at the Institute of Development Studies in September 2022.

Increasingly, development organisations are using complexity-aware, learning-based approaches to design and drive their monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems. This enables practitioners to better understand how change actually happens and how impact is achieved in real time in complex social change contexts. There is also growing awareness of the need for downward accountability and supporting greater feedback from those engaging in interventions to those designing and funding them.  

Participatory processes can provide practitioners with key insights into how the changes they desire to support (the impact sought) unfolds through the experiences of those engaged directly in the change processes – often marginalised and hard to reach populations. Unlike linear M&E systems whose indicators tend to speak largely to upward accountability demand, participatory and systemic methods are widely recognised for their ability to deeply engage stakeholders at all levels.  

This in-person training course builds on the deep historical experience with participatory approaches and methods that IDS has pioneered and shares new frontier methods for quality implementation of participatory processes at scale (with large numbers of people and across broader geographical space) to support learning focused and complexity-aware M&E systems.

Find out more about course requirements, fees, aims on the IDS website.