Citizen Participation in Local Governance: a global vision coming from the bottom up

A new book from LogoLink

This book presents the reflections and analyses of more than 500 participants from across Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Brought together by LogoLink (the Learning Initiative on Citizen Participation and Local Governance) they included social leaders, human rights activists, academics and politicians as well as representatives of community, grassroots and advocacy organisations.  Their synthesis culminated in the World Charter for the Right to Citizen Participation in Local Governance.  Whilst this book is not available online, some of the chapters are and can be found on the Logolink website along with details of how to purchase it.


Great work. I'm afraid there was an error message when I tried to find out more. Is it possible to share the link? Thanks!

I am sorry that the links didn't work. I've just checked them on our site and they seem okay. The Charter is at
and the Logolink publications page is at
If you have any further problems please do email me at and we'll try and work it out! all best, Jane.

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