Participatory Action Research training

IDS is running a five-day training course in using participatory action research to improve development practice, from 12 June 2023 until 16 June 2023.

Interest in participatory action research has surged recently in the international development sector, as it challenges the power dynamic inherent in traditional research approaches. This is why it is key that professionals and practitioners in the sector adopt the latest thinking and address any skills gap within their organisations.

The course, convened by Jo Howard and Danny Burns, is interactive, inclusive, participatory and applied. Prior to the course, you’ll be asked to think of a critical question that you are dealing with in your work, or relating to your organisation’s practice. Over the week you will explore this question and, with the support of the facilitators, identify a participatory action research process appropriate for addressing your question, and learn how to develop and manage this process, and reflect on the ethical challenges.

You’ll learn about a range of methods, and develop your ideas into a detailed plan that you will be able to operationalize on returning to your organisation. This will enable you to bring fresh perspectives back to your workplace on how to address this question.

Prices start from £1,085. More information, including how to apply, can be found here.