Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning training

IDS is running a five-day training course in monitoring and evaluation systems supporting participatory and adaptive practice, from 22 May 2023 until 26 May 2023, in Majorca, Spain.

This in-person training course builds on the deep historical experience with participatory approaches and methods that IDS has pioneered and shares new frontier methods for quality implementation of participatory processes at scale (with large numbers of people and across broader geographical space) to support learning focused and complexity-aware M&E systems.

Practitioners with deep experiences of methods in a range of contexts will share case studies from their own work to illustrate the qualities of particular methods. You will then explore how the methods can be applied in your own organisation or project and will work individually and in peer-support groups to develop your own participatory M&E design. 

The learning process is designed to enable you to learn from your peers as well as the facilitators through interactive sessions and we take time to have fun and get to know each other throughout the week.

Prices start from 2,300 Euros. More information, including how to apply, can be found here.