Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation Workshop

July 21-26, 2014.  University of Ottawa, Canada.                                                                                                                                                                Monitoring and Evaluation is a vital management tool. Communities, organizations and funders need to know how effective their efforts have been. But, a key question being asked is "Who should make these judgments, and on what basis?". Too often, it is outside "experts" who are completing the report card primarily to fulfill an accountability function for the funding organization. Participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) is a different approach involving a wide range of stakeholders deciding together about how to measure results and what actions should follow. This six-day workshop is set in the community to maximize learning, group interaction and networking. Participants will learn a wide range of tools that are essential to facilitating PM&E processes, and undertake two-day community assignments.  More information is available at the International website, or email Francoise Coupal at


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