Practitioner stories from challenging contexts

The Sanitation Learning Hub is delighted to to announce the 1st edition of the new series ‘Practitioner Voices’.

About the Practitioner Voices series: the series aims to amplify insightful perspectives of practitioners working within countries at local and regional level. Each edition will have a distinct focus. 

About the 1st edition 'Tough Physical Environments': SLH was very lucky to work with 3 practitioners to present their ideas, challenges and innovations of working on sanitation and hygiene in ‘tough physical environments’.

The published Practitioner Voices stories:

What do you think? Let us know what you think of these stories! Are they useful for your work?

Call: Get involved in the 2nd edition ‘Lifestyles and livelihoods

We would like to hear from sanitation and hygiene practitioners with experience of working with groups with temporary, transient or informal status.

This could include pastoralists, fishing communities, mining communities, nomadic or semi-nomadic groups, temporary workers and seasonal migrants. You can find out more and send SLH your idea through this link.