Watch again: Mixing and mashing participatory with other research methods

How can one combine well-established research methods using numbers (such as statistics) or narrative methods (in-depth interviews) with visual participatory methods (e.g. body mapping, painting, and social mapping)?

The presenters will present how they combined participatory methods and principles with academic rigour presenting large-scale work from India on bonded labourers and work with sexual minorities in Vietnam. They will show that the final combination of methods and tools they used depended on the research question. Each type of evidence requires a different methodology and tools and techniques for collection and analysis, some of which may be participatory while others are not.


Pauline Oosterhoff, Research Fellow, IDS

Panel speakers:

Tu Anh Hoang, CCIHP, Vietnam: Mixed participatory and formal methods in studying violence towards men who have sex with men in Viet Nam

Praxis – Institute for Participatory Practices, India: Building in complementarity in participatory mixed methods in research, monitoring and learning in Modern Slavery in India

Watch again