Getting Started

Across the top of this page is a menu that will lead you to basic information, explanations and news about Participatory Methods, and allow you to search for individual documents.

  • The About Participatory Methods page outlines the evolution and history of the methods and the principles that underlie them, and provides direct links to related resources.
  • On the Resources page, you can search the Participation Resource Centre database, which contains details of around 5,000 documents about Participatory Methods.
  • If you come across a word you don’t understand, go to the Key Terms page, where many of the technical words and phrases from across the site and the literature are explained.
  • Our News page shares up-to-date details of activities, events and trainings, as well as posts from the Participation Knowledge and Research Cluster blog.

Beneath this menu, the Participatory Methods resources are organised into five activity areas. Each can be found under a different coloured tab:

Each tab is a doorway into the site, and clicking on it takes you to an information page which explains how participatory approaches have been used in that activity area. Every information page provides options to take a more in-depth look at important Methods and Ideas in that area, and to access relevant Key Resources.

There is the opportunity for you to comment at the bottom of most of these pages: we welcome your thoughts.