Acknowledging process: challenges for agricultural research and extension methodology

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It focuses on social processes, experiential, practical and political elements which are often overlooked in the literature on agricultural research and extension. Methodological issues raised by a shift in theoretical perspectives from a structured to diverse approach are explored. A broader view of the 'farmer' is called for: an approach that locates farmers, researchers and extensionists as social actors within the process of agricultural production and extension. Methodology in agricultural research and extension is clarified at the outset, with challenges to mainstream thinking in agricultural development reviewed. The paper finally explores ways to enrich current agricultural research and extension through new forms of practice.

This paper clarifies "the role of methodology in agricultural research and extension", reviews a)"challenges to mainstream thinking in agricultural development" and b) recent participatory methodologies and explores ways to enrich current agricultural research. It does not consider PRA itself except as one of a range of methods. Rather the paper seeks to contextualise PRA within other participatory methods, and within historical developments that have led to the development of these methods.

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Agriculturalists, researchers and fieldworkers working at the project and community level.
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IDS. Discussion paper, 333
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Institute of Development Studies

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