Agroecosystem analysis for research

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The chapter describes the procedure known as Agroecosystem Analysis. This rests on the assumption that analysis, understanding and approaches to improvement of an agroecosystem are best gained from strategic knowledge of that system, as opposed to an attempt to create a complete model. The analysis is based on a week-long workshop aimed at sythesising the approaches of people from different disciplines and attaining useful data from case-study sites. The object of such a workshop is to create key questions concerning an agroecosystem and to stimulate research into answers to those questions.

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This chapter may be of interest to national level planners, NGO fieldworkers, government policy makers in the South, community trainers and agriculturalists.
Agroecosystem analysis for research and development
Winrock International
Winrock International, Thailand.
G. Conway
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Winrock International

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